monsters of the universe


This is not a tribute album.

Simply because it was our idea to do it, and no one in his right mind would release a tribute to oneself. We'd rather see it as a tribute to the people that contributed - mostly friends of us whose music we adore and who don't exactly hate our own music as well (at least that's what we hope). Of course the usual proceeding then would have been to do cover versions of their songs. But it was much more comfortable for us the other way around - we just had to get on people's nerves by insisting on the deadline.

The originals of all songs are available on the Mikrofisch album "Masters of the Universe" (kinokoma 2007), except for "Morning Bus”, which was released physically on the "Out of Swampland" Split 7” (Schinderwies 2003).

The cover artwork was done by Matthias Männer (www.matthiasmaenner.com).

Download complete album: [zip]
Download CD booklet & inlay: [zip]

Release: 16.11.2008

The single tracks:

1. Plaste und Elaste: Focus on it [mp3]

PuE are Bernd and Sonja from Leipzig. Although they haven't released anything before, Bernd has a long history as one of the coolest rockers of the universe as well as a close friend of Mikrofisch. Together with his former band Tripophon, we got through our first real tour back in 2002. His love of music and his lo-fi approach to it truly inspired us when we started recording songs. Thank you, Bernd!

2. The USA: Alien Monsters [mp3]

These great siblings, Marieke and Thijs from Holland, are more recent, but nonetheless most dear friends of ours. We had vaguely known them from a gig of their former band John Wayne Shot Me in Cologne, but then they asked us to join them for a tour in 2007, and we had an ace week together. Thijs is, by the way, another one of the coolest rockers of the universe.

3. Peer: Sechsundneunzig [mp3]

We can't say for sure how we got to know Peer. It seems like he has always been there, as solid as a rock, like a haven of calm. Peer managed to let his fanzine be funded by the university of Berlin, produces a semi-legal video zine in the same city's underground ("Undertube"), and plays with Mobile and sometimes the Locas in Love. He is like the personification of what indie once used to stand for, and with him singing "Sechsundneunzig", all this makes perfect sense.

4. Subterfuge: Bad Hair Days [mp3]

Mawe knows these fluffy guys from Düsseldorf since he can remember (actually since his old band played at a festival with them in 1997 or 1998), and they had asked Mikrofisch to contribute a cover version of one of their songs a couple of years ago. So this is the return service. Lars, one of the singers, told us that he chose this song because he once was planning to do a solo album called "The Bad Hair Years".

5. Archie Müller: Morrissey [mp3]

If anyone believed in us when we had finished our first 4-track-recorded 4-track 3-inch CD-R in 2001, Archie did. Not only did he organize our first gig ever at a record shop in Regensburg, he even spent his money to release a vinyl album and a 7" of us on his label Schinderwies. Archie - or, as he called himself in the late 90s, Müller - and his self-released cassettes containing comic folk songs about his adventures in Tennessee and Bavaria had been a delight for Mawe when Indierock became stale in the late 90s. Since then, Mawe didn't stop encouraging Archie to start recording his own music again. This is actually the first time Archies crisp singing voice sounds again. If this was the sole purpose of our song: so be it.

6. Lattekohlertor: Peggy Moffitt Look-Alikes [mp3]

Lattekohlertor is Marten of Turbostaat. Mawe made a cover version of a Turbostaat song for their tour EP recently, so this remix/remake hybrid is another case of return service.

7. The Green Apple Sea: Drum Machines Will Save Mankind [mp3]

Mawe first met Stefan when he joined a singer/songwriter tour called "Paradies der Ungeliebten" for two shows in 1998. Stefan then played a song called "In my dreams she is a drummer", which appeared on the debut album of his band The Green Apple Sea two years later. Another four years later, Stefan and Mawe met again in Nürnberg, formed a band, and adapted the song about the drummer dream girl. Now, Stefan has found his dream girl and she doesn't play the drums, so this job (drumming, saving the world) can just as well be done by machines.

8. Supershirt: The Kids Are Teit [mp3]

Supershirt from Rostock and Berlin are the only guys on this compilation that we don't know personally - the internet makes it possible. They've turned our cheesy little tune into an indie dancefloor monster. Now we can dance to our own song without having to hear our own voices - how cool is that?

9. Zimmer: See You Next Tuesday [mp3]

When we got to know Basti a.k.a. Zimmer in 2002, he was the prototype of a geek. In his flat in Passau, the windows were masked with aluminium foil, the only light source being what seemed like a red 15 watt bulb. In this cave he made songs for his band Radio Magenta and ran the Keplar label, which released our first album on CD. Long before it became hip, he wore 80s Lacoste glasses, and long before Von Südenfed, he added Mark E. Smith style vocals to weird electronica. He lives in Berlin now.

10. Seattle or Some: Focus on it [mp3]

SoS is Lorin of Hamburg-based outfit Me Succeeds and Hamburg/Berlin project Frankreich Muss Bis Polen Reichen. On stage with the latter he has been seen wearing a white hooded painter's overall and white phantom-of-the-opera mask, but actually he's one of the most friendly guys in the world!

11. The Voltarenes: Morning Bus [mp3]

As Mawe is part of The Voltarenes (along with Lars from The Soda Stream), they chose a Mikrofisch song that was made nearly entirely by Silvi. "Morning Bus" is the only song not included on the "Masters" album but was released in 2003 on 7" - the year before the backache-anguished Voltarenes first began to plug in their instruments in their Munich living room.